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Episode 1219: Hanless


Act before you think! The motto of at least one fabulous roleplaying game.*

* Okay, it's Toon, but still, advice that many players seem to take to heart, no matter what system they're playing.


Leia: Han, I know you're alive in there now, but if I unfreeze you, you might not be.
Leia: To defreeze, or not to defreeze, that is the question.
Leia: Whether 'tis safer to thaw now or to evacuate to a medical facility...
Leia: To die, to sleep no more, from the thousand system shocks that flesh is heir to.
Leia: For if his sleep be death, what dreams may die when he has shuffled off this cryo-coil, must give us pause.
Leia: Screw it. I'm defrosting you.

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Published: Tuesday, 07 July, 2015; 04:01:39 PDT.
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