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Episode 1218: Who'd Have Thawed?


Probability plays an important part in any game that involves dice. But it helps if you can detach your mind from the real world probability calculations and think more in terms your character would actually be considering at the time.

Just don't detach it completely.


Chewbacca: Sorry we're late. I had to pick up Sally from university.
R2-D2: And me from work.
GM: No problem. I'll call Annie and Jim and we can start.
Leia: {disguised as Boussh} Um. We've been connected for 15 minutes.
GM: So you... saw the frog thing?
Han: We made popcorn.
GM: It's night. Everyone in Jabba's palace is asleep.
Leia: Right. Time to make my move.
{walks up to frozen Han}
Leia: I want to defrost you, but...
Leia: Lando says there's a 20% chance of catastrophic system shock.
Leia: Your intestines will explode, your brain will run out your nose, and then your face will melt off.
Han: Never tell me the odds.
Leia: It's the odds you don't want to hear?

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Published: Sunday, 05 July, 2015; 03:11:10 PDT.
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