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Episode 1163: Collect Call


The mysterious phone call can be a trigger for adventure. Either an unexpected call from a friend or relative, calling for help of some kind, or a call from a complete stranger which opens the doors of mystery and investigation. It can also provide additional clues or tip-offs mid-adventure, if needed. Don't ignore the power of being able to inject information - or misinformation - from almost anyone at any time in a modern day adventure.


Luke: Let's see. Hanging off a condescend... consecrat... spiky thing a bazillion miles up.
Luke: Nobody knows I'm here except my mortal enemies. Which includes my own... mother.
Luke: Still, waaay better than Hoth.
Luke: Think, Luke. With your brain.
Luke: Wait! Psychic connection! I can contact... Vader.
Luke: Or... my sister! It should work with her!
Luke: Princess! Can you hear me?
Leia: {on the Millennium Falcon} Luke. Duuuude! Where are you!
Luke: Oh, you know, hangin' out.
Leia: You should totally join us! We're in the paaaaarty ship!
Luke: Can you pick me up? I don't have a ride.
Leia: {eyes closed} Oh wow! I can totally see you! Wotcha doin' there?
Leia: Hang on just a minute. I gotta get a hologram of this.

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Published: Thursday, 26 February, 2015; 02:11:07 PST.
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