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Episode 1162: We're Giving This Title a C+


The rise of review sites like TripAdvisor and Eatability and so on make it more difficult for people to be truly surprised by something when they travel. Imagine you've set up this spooky encounter in an out-of-the-way motel somewhere in the backwoods of the Pacific North-Western United States. Your PCs are driving along the road as evening approaches and they spy a dilapidated sign: Nates Motel.

"Just a sec, I'll check TripAdvisor. Hmmm. 'Avoid like the plague. Stayed one night and husband got mysteriously murdered.' 'Something weird about this place. Reported awful decaying smell to town sheriff, but strangely he never showed up.' Okay, let's keep driving."

Bang! There goes your carefully planned adventure.


GM: You fall out of the bottom of Cloud City. There are a few metal protrusions.
Luke: I grab one! 9.
GM: Hmmm.
Luke: I have Acrobatics! And Climbing!
GM: You crash into an alcohol condenser and just manage to hold on.
Luke: Phew.
GM: The atmosphere is potently alcoholic. Save versus poison.
Luke: 3.
GM: You're smashed. And you're barely hanging on.
Luke: Can I climb up into the hatch?
GM: Your remaining hand gropes around with a -8 inebriation penalty.
GM: The hatch closes.
Nute Gunray: Buh-bye, Ruke!
[SFX]: slip {Luke slips and ends up hanging upside down from the condenser}
[SFX]: spoing
Luke: That's it. I'm leaving a bad review.

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Published: Tuesday, 24 February, 2015; 02:11:12 PST.
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