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Episode 1033: Fearless Master of the Jedi


Exhaustion can be a factor when characters engage in strenuous activity. Try swinging a sword for a minute and see how you feel. Often this is abstracted away in game rules, but some games include rules for becoming exhausted during combat or when running or what have you.

Oddly enough, very few games have rules for becoming unfit from over-eating and avoiding exercise.


{Luke running through swamp with Yoda on his back}
Yoda: Run!
Yoda: Climb!
Yoda: Swing through trees!
Luke: I'm exhausted!
Yoda: Good, good. Keep going! Jump over Mrs Daffodil!
Luke: <roll> I need a break. {stops running}
Yoda: Jedi training is so unimportant, you think?
Luke: I'm completely worn out. And this is just the first hour!
Yoda: Good. Now we start training.
Luke: Wasn't that training?
Yoda: Noooo, the blue milk, you needed to sweat out. No more running around!
Luke: Really? Great! But... don't I need to be fit? Improve my strength and stamina?
Yoda: Ha ha! No. Have midi-chlorians for that, you do.
Yoda: Go nuts on space-chocolate, you may.

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Published: Tuesday, 29 April, 2014; 03:11:01 PDT.
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