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Episode 1032: To Boldly Go


Thinking where no Jim character has thought before!

There's a literary trope for doing what Jim attempted to do here. It's called... um... (ahem)... Summon Bigger Fish.


Han: Are there any star destroyers in the area!?
GM: No, just a giant space wyrm snapping its jaws at you.
Han: Fooey.
[SFX]: Raaarrrr!!!
C-3PO: You want there to be star destroyers?
Han: Why do you think I enraged the space worm?
{beat, Leia ponders}
Leia: ... to... make it eat the star destroyers?
C-3PO: You flew into its mouth, and then shot it, on purpose?
Han: Exactly! Great plan, huh?
C-3PO: How'd you like it if a worm flew inside a giant you?!
Han: I'd take a tablet.
Chewbacca: Not revealing your plan the moment it occurs to you? Truly, this is a brave new frontier, old friend.
Han: I've been practising.
Chewbacca: And the frontiers keep shattering!

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Published: Sunday, 27 April, 2014; 03:11:01 PDT.
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