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Episode 879: Career on Ice


It is possible to learn relevant real life skills from encountering them first in games.

Next time you come across electrum, a penanggalan, or a glaive-guisarme in your daily life, you can thank Dungeons & Dragons for teaching you what the heck it is.


Han: Awesome. So, L.A. it is.
Chewbacca: That's great, Jim. Good luck.
GM: All your experience in planetary geology in this game should stand you in good stead.
Han: Yeah! Wow, I should have used that on my C.V.
R2-D2: Almost a shame. Arctic environments are really cool too.
GM: Hmmm.
Han: NASA says they'll fast-track my visa. I'll need to leave next week. So we should get on with the game.
GM: We have to wrap up tonight?
Han: It'd be good.
GM: Okay, there are several ways that could go...

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Published: Sunday, 05 May, 2013; 03:11:01 PDT.
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