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Episode 878: Jim Versus the Volcano


Offer your heroes a choice of two equally cool and awesome things - but they only get to pick one. The dragonslayer sword or the invisibility cloak.

It's hard to balance the two options, but if you do it right, there should be intra-party violence as they fight over which one to accept.


Han: That's great then, Annie! We can go together and you can get a job near me!
Chewbacca: Where are the jobs?
Han: Well, they're both really cool, studying volcanoes, and it's going to be tough deciding between them.
Han: One is in Iceland.
C-3PO: Awesome!
Han: I know! And the second one is just as amazing. Looking at volcanoes in the outer solar system, at NASA-JPL in Los Angeles.
R2-D2: Wow. Geophysics... in spaaace!
Han: You see my problem. How can I possibly pick between four-year postings in Iceland and L.A.?
Leia: As the aforesaid struggling actress who is going with you, might I offer an opinion?

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Published: Thursday, 02 May, 2013; 03:11:01 PDT.
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