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Episode 750: Teh Bukkit, You Will Kikkit!


Let that be a warning against making small talk with inconsequential NPCs. You might tick off the GM by paying attention to stuff that has no background other than being there just as scenery.

Special bonus image: Ponda Baba


Luke: So... tough moisture farming season, huh?
Ponda Baba: You talkin' to me?
Luke: Er...
Ponda Baba: I don't see no one else here, you must be talkin' to me.
Luke: Yes?
Ponda Baba: You see, when someone takes the mickey—to my face—I want to make sure they're talkin' to me. Before I take offence, like.
Doctor Evazan: Whoa, whoa. Who's this kid?
Ponda Baba: Tells me some nonsense about moisture farming.
Doctor Evazan: Holy snap. You can't just take that.
Ponda Baba: Well, I wasn't gonna.
Luke: Uh... but I really am a moisture farmer.
Ponda Baba: Look, he's saying it again. To my face, even.
Doctor Evazan: He wants to die. He's terminally ill and wants to be put out of his misery. That's the only explanation.
Luke: So... I don't suppose you have any blue milk?
Ponda Baba: Wooooooow. You sicken me. I'm gonna mail your body parts to twelve systems.
Luke: I'll... be careful.
Doctor Evazan: You'll be dead!

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Published: Sunday, 08 July, 2012; 04:18:18 PDT.
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