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Episode 743: Blast from the Past


Roleplaying game truism #129: Once players starts questioning things about the campaign or the setting or the adventure, it's a short downward spiral to selling off bits of equipment that you never expected them to sell.

Sure, you thought the League of Good Guys needed a high-tech super-headquarters in order to monitor Megalopolis City for supervillain crime sprees. What the players see is a valuable piece of inner city real estate that they can swap for bigger guns.


Luke: And what are these miniatures? Dinosaurs?
C-3PO: Oooh.
GM: They're alien beasts of burden.
Luke: They look like dinosaurs.
R2-D2: I think they're dinosaurs.
GM: Fine. They're alien dinosaurs being used as beasts of burden.
Luke: What are they carrying?
GM: Carrying riders, and... burdens.
Obi-Wan: How does a desert planet get dinosaurs?
C-3PO: Kamino, silly! Their dinosaur cloning facility ships them all over the Galaxy.
R2-D2: Why don't they use trucks with wheels? It's on flat ground. Even a hovercar would cost less than feeding dinosaurs tons of roughage each day.
GM: Not everyone can afford trucks or hovercars.
Luke: How much do hovercars cost?
GM: An old one like yours, about 4000 Imperial credits.
Luke: Cool! I sell my hovercar and buy a blaster.

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Published: Thursday, 21 June, 2012; 04:00:40 PDT.
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