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Episode 742: Painting the Town Green


Be a good citizen and recycle your gaming miniatures.

Take that fighter that got crushed under a ton of boulders in a deadfall trap and squash him flat under a pile of rulebooks, for reuse as a lurker. Take that thief who got sliced by blades while opening a treasure chest after a failed "detect traps roll" and chop her head off, for reuse as a penanggalan. Take that wizard who rolled a critical failure on the fireball, and apply a blowtorch, to reuse the miniature as a magma mephit.


R2-D2: Oh. Ooooooh.
R2-D2: You. Bastard.
C-3PO: What?
R2-D2: I... oh god, no.
R2-D2: This... this town. This entire town.
R2-D2: This beautiful, elaborate miniature... it's made out of pieces of the dreadnought miniature.
R2-D2: My dreadnought! My beautiful dreadnought!
R2-D2: Mos Eisley is made of dreadnought!
Captain Antilles: {dead} So... technically, you own the whole town.
R2-D2: But does it nuke things?

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Published: Tuesday, 19 June, 2012; 03:11:01 PDT.
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