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Episode 671: Ghoti of Mortis


So ends The Ballad of Jar Jar.

We wanted to tell the back-story behind Bail Organa's revelation in Episode 642 that Jar Jar had liberated Naboo from the Trade Federation, rather than just have it be a piece of significant action that is described by an NPC and is never shown. We hope you enjoyed it!

And this also concludes our extended intermission after Episode III: Revelation of the Sith. The next comic will be the first strip of Episode IV.

By the way, here is a list of reject titles for this strip:
Amfish, Rising Fish, Shadow of Fish, Fish Malevolence, Fishies, Downfall of Fish, Duel of the Fish, Bombad Fish, Fish of Darkness, Lair of Fish, Fish Captured, The Fish General, Fish Crash, Fish of Peace, Fishpass, The Hidden Fish, Blue Shadow Fish, Mystery of a Thousand Fish, Fish Trap, Storm Over Fish, Innocence of Fish, Liberty of Fish, Fish Crisis, Fish Heist, Cargo of Fish, Fish of Doom, Fish of the Force, Fishy Spy, Landing at Point Fish, Fish Factory, Legacy of Fish, Fish of Terror, Fish Invaders, Fish Intrigue, The Fish, Fish Lost, The Fish Plot, Fish of Temptation, Fish Murders, Cat and Fish, Fish Hunters, The Fish Beast, The Fish Beast Strikes Back, Death Fish, Fish Come Home, Lethal Fishdown, Fish Cadets, Fish Troopers, Fish Lines, Fish of Influence, Sphere of Fish, Evil Fish, Hunt for Fish, Fish on Both Sides, Fish on One Side, Fish on the Side, Fish of Peace, Pursuit of Fish, Nightfishes, Fishsisters, Fish, Fishlords, Overfish, Altar of Fish, Ghosts of Fish, Fish Citadel, Counterfish, Fish Rescue, Fish Lost, Fish Hunt, Water Maw, Fish Attack, Shadow Fish, Fish Warrior, Mercy Fish, Mercy Fish-on, Mercy Fission, Nomad Fish, Fish of Dissent, Plan of Fish, Carnage of Fish, Fishnapped, Fish of the Republic, Slaves of Fish, Escape from Fish, A Fish in Need, Friends and Fish, Fish on Naboo.


With a quaking of the ground burst forth the mighty Kwazel Maw,
Which reared above leviathanic'ly.
It descended like an avalanche and smote the droids full sore;
In a panic, craven Findos turned to flee.
But the troopers burst from cover and he knew his end was nigh,
Viceroy Findos they secured and locked away.
Then Naboo was free and towed back to its true place in the sky,
And brave Jar Jar was the hero of the day!

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Published: Thursday, 05 January, 2012; 02:11:01 PST.
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