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Episode 637: Is There a Doctor on the Asteroid?


Every profession can be dangerous. PCs don't need to be FBI agents, or Roman soldiers, or starship commanders to get into hazardous situations and adventures. Try these on for size:


Bail Organa: Yo, Yoda, great job you Jedi did sticking it to the Man.
Yoda: It's not my fault! Everyone wanted to fight!
R2-D2: Hey, have you read Doctor Dolittle? He was pretty awesome; he could talk to animals and—
Yoda: Catch up, Pete. I don't want to be a vet any more. Vets get bitten all the time!
R2-D2: Oh? What do you want to be?
Yoda: I haven't decided! I'm just a kid - I don't have to make those sort of decisions yet!
GM: Ahem. Obi-Wan arrives in the ship with Padmé and the droids.
{Obi-Wan carries Padmé off the ship}
Obi-Wan: Padmé needs urgent medical attention!
Yoda: If only there was someone who actually wanted to be a doctor...
Padmé: I'll be fine, I stabilised on -8 hit points.
GM: You go into labour.
Padmé: Medic!

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Published: Tuesday, 18 October, 2011; 03:11:01 PDT.
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