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Episode 636: A Shocking Development


Any piece of equipment you have can be used in multiple ways. Don't be restricted to thinking of your 10-foot pole as merely a pole. It can be used to hit monsters, it can be used to probe floors and ceilings for traps (do not forget the ceilings), it can be used to hold up a tarpaulin to form a rain shelter, it can be used to brace an unsteady wall, it can be used to brace a door you don't want opened, it can be used to poke under a door you can't open and swipe monsters on the other side off their feet, it can be used to vault over pits or streams, it can be used to knock fruit (or monsters) out of trees, it can be used to tap on upper floor windows, it can be used to push a barge along a river, it can be used to whack bees' nests and gather honey, it can be used to fend off lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my, it can be used to hoist the heads of your enemies as a warning to attackers, it can be used as a really long pool cue.

And if you reverse the pole-arity, it can be used to fix warp engines!


Obi-Wan: I check to see how Padmé is.
GM: She needs medical attention.
R2-D2: I have a defibrillator.
GM: Really? Let me see...
R2-D2: I mean, a shock probe.
{the ship takes off form the landing platform}
{the ship flies away from Naboo}
[SFX]: kzzzt
Obi-Wan: I thought you went up to take control of the Peace Moon.
R2-D2: Psssh. Turns out it's going to take like 20 years to finish building the stupid thing.

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Published: Sunday, 16 October, 2011; 03:21:09 PDT.
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