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Episode 606: Slaughter is the Best Medicine


See now, this is why recorded, known, and strictly played alignments are important in roleplaying games. They prevent this kind of stuff.

See now, this is why alignments are too restrictive...


Padmé: You still don't see.
Anakin: What?
Padmé: Deep down, you know. The Balance of the Force.
Anakin: Good and evil? My actions have always been justified. The Jedi trainees, that bounty hunter, Count Dookû... I don't see—
Padmé: Search your feelings, my love. Tell me what you know to be true.
Anakin: I... the Sand People? But they had—
Padmé: No. But you're getting closer.
{beat, Anakin looks increasingly haunted}
Padmé: The balance of love and death.
Anakin: No.
Padmé: When Shmi, your own mother, saw into your soul.
Anakin: No.
Padmé: You wanted to be loved. But Shmi was scared of you. You tried to help her, but by manipulating everyone else. She saw what you truly are.
Anakin: How dare you!
Padmé: And when she couldn't bring herself to say she still loved you—
Anakin: Stop!!
Padmé: You killed her, Anakin. You reached out with the Force and—
Anakin: Noooooo!!!
{Anakin chokes Padmé with the Force}

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Published: Sunday, 07 August, 2011; 03:11:01 PDT.
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