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Episode 605: I Believe in Yesterday


To create a sense of horror and foreboding in a game, bring in elements of real life that cause grown men to tremble in fear.

For example, the phrase, "We need to talk."


Padmé: Anakin, we need to talk.
Anakin: Can it wait? I'm kind of busy here.
Padmé: There's a shadow hanging over you.
Anakin: I... I'm just tired.
Padmé: Soon we will rule the Galaxy together, but first there's something you need to face.
Anakin: I've faced Dookû and Gunray; I can meet any challenge.
Padmé: It's not what you think. You need to confront the Dark Side of the Force.
Anakin: Ever since I was a child, people have been mentioning that. What is it?
Padmé: Only what is within you.
Padmé: The midi-chlorians Qui-Gon injected into you, they cloud your mind.
Padmé: Back on Tatooine, you killed that Greendo kid in a fist fight.
Anakin: He swung first!

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Published: Thursday, 04 August, 2011; 03:11:02 PDT.
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