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Episode 515: Heavy News


This is another deleted scene from the "Padmé begins the Rebellion" subplot, which was cut from the movie for time constraints. As before, it's a shame that they cut these scenes from the film, since they are actually interesting and add to the story.

What's more, these scenes show one of the cameos of characters from the original trilogy that actually makes sense and doesn't seem like a pure coincidence for the sake of showing off a familiar character. It actually makes perfect sense that Mon Mothma, later the leader of the Rebel Alliance's military forces, would be one of the Senators involved in starting the Rebellion.

It sure makes more sense than, say, a powerful and respected Wookiee leader ending up as the sidekick of a no-hope smuggler.


Anakin: Back in a minute, bathroom break.
GM: Okay, we'll do a scene without Anakin.
R2-D2: Finally I get some action!
GM: Padmé, some members of your resistance group meet in your apartment.
R2-D2: Jim, quickly, while Annie's gone, you do realise what's going on here?
Padmé: Of course. I'm organising a rebellion against the Senate.
R2-D2: You haven't noticed she's been putting on weight?
Padmé: What do you mean?
R2-D2: I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a godfather.
Padmé: You've joined the Mafia?

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Published: Thursday, 06 January, 2011; 02:11:01 PST.
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