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Episode 514: Hide and Sneak


On the other hand, players will never forget the tiniest game details that they came up with themselves. So you better make notes of all that stuff.


Anakin: You know, Obi-Wan is still suspicious about the Peace Moon.
Palpatine: Suspicious about what, exactly?
Anakin: I've arranged to get Obi-Wan out of the way for a while. I let him know that you contacted General Grievous, and he's going to Utapau to arrest him.
Palpatine: Do you expect me to be grateful?
Anakin: Trust me, you have more trouble on your hands than you realise. Obi-Wan has convinced the Council that you are hiding something.
Palpatine: The only things I may have hidden are for the good of the public interest.
Anakin: Just imagine what the Jedi Council might be hiding.
Palpatine: Very well; I shall authorise access to the classified Archives.
Yoda: Except the parts eaten by dogs!

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Published: Tuesday, 04 January, 2011; 02:11:02 PST.
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