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Episode 497: A Moon Made of Cheese


If you really, desperately want your players to do something, to take up a quest that you have planned, to get the increasingly obvious hints you're dropping, to basically go along with whatever adventure you've painstakingly mapped out in great detail rather than just faffing about doing anything but that...

You're doomed.


Obi-Wan: I examine the Peace Moon plans from Dookû's ship.
GM: The on-board computers were destroyed in the crash. All you have is the copy that R2 made. It shows an artificial moon constructed of rock.
Obi-Wan: No weapons installations?
GM: No. There's a small memorial to those killed in the Trade Federation invasion of Naboo.
GM: Soon to be known as the First Invasion if you don't—
Anakin: {entering} Something wrong, Master Obi-Wan?
Obi-Wan: Anakin. There's something about this moon. Something that's being hidden from us.
Anakin: You're too suspicious. It's just a moon. Palpatine himself authorised it. There was even an oversight committee.
R2-D2: Hey, nobody wanted to find a giant mega-weapon more than me.
R2-D2: I'd be half-way to taking over the Republic by now: I'd add a backdoor control mechanism, outsource production to three independent contractors on Kamino, ensure the Senate are distracted by some meaningless invasion somewhere, and cover my tracks with fake blueprints.
R2-D2: What?

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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