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Episode 496: Out for the Count


Dramatic lighting is all well and good, but this just seems designed to make you squint into the darkness while having a bright light shone into your eyes. What sort of interrogation does Yoda normally get up to in this room?


Anakin: Well now that you mention Obi-Wan... he has been acting strangely.
Yoda: Really?
Anakin: I wanted to guide the crashing ship away from the people in the control tower, but he wouldn't let me do it.
Anakin: He hit the floor pretty fast both times we fought Count Dookû.
Anakin: And for that matter, he was alone on Geonosis with Dookû for quite some time.
Anakin: I'd give my right hand to know what they were talking about.
Yoda: Unbelievable, it is. What should we do?
Anakin: Nothing, for the moment. But treat anything he says and does with suspicion.
Yoda: Yes, totally! Especially if he tells you I'm not studying hard enough.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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