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Episode 493: Traders & Traitors


If you have to miss a game session due to unavoidable circumstances beyond your control, you should of course get someone to fill you in on the stuff you've missed. Just make sure to factor in the fact that everyone except your character will suddenly have new magical weapons and 30,000 more gold pieces than before.

Yeah... better not miss any game sessions, no matter what the emergency.


Padmé: Pete's filled me in on what's been happening. He said we got a cool new dreadnought. We need to try it out on someone. Who's fighting who now?
Anakin: The Trade Federation are massing to invade Naboo again.
Padmé: Awesome! Let's go there!
Anakin: It's not safe for you and the baby. Besides, it's more important that we find the Sith Lord traitor within the Jedi Order.
Padmé: That sounds good too. We can nuke him from orbit.
Padmé: Oh wait... I mean we should reprimand him using due process. Like civilised people do.
Anakin: So we're agreed. We'll stay on Coruscant.
Padmé: Yeah! We can keep our fingers on the pulse of the web of power.
Anakin: Indeed.
Padmé: But what about this General Goofus? I heard he's half-machine, half-robot, and half-cyborg.
Anakin: We need to address the corruption within before fighting our external enemies.
Padmé: Got it. First that traitor Bubble, then Goofus.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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