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<     Episode 449: A Man, A Plan, A Canard: Palpatine     >

Episode 449: A Man, A Plan, A Canard: Palpatine


Listening to both sides of the story just results in not knowing who's telling the truth. Better to attack first and use Speak With Dead later.


Count Dookû: Without ze ear of ze Senate, Ah 'ad to take matters into mah own 'ands. Ah am 'olding ze Shoncellor to force 'im to reveal ze truth!
Obi-Wan: Oh really? He told us you violated a truce to capture him.
Count Dookû: 'e is treacherous.
{flashback scene of Palpatine and Dookû meeting}
Count Dookû: {voice over} "We agreed to meet to discuss our differonces."
Count Dookû: {in flashback} Ah am giving you ze shonce to restore your honour. Will you admit to your nefarious plans with ze so-called "Peace Moon"?
Palpatine: Now why should I do that? I have everyone exactly where I want them.
Count Dookû: {in flashback} You are ze disgrace to retired Zhedi everywhere.
Count Dookû: {voice over} "Ah saw 'e had come without guards, so Ah knew what 'ad to be done to force 'is confession."
Count Dookû: {in flashback} 'owever, Ah see Ah must take ze drastic action. You are now mah prisonair!
Palpatine: You fiend!
{end flashback}
Count Dookû: You cannot trust anything 'e says.
Count Dookû: So now you know ze truth, you can call off your fleet.
Obi-Wan: Um... it's not our fleet.
Count Dookû: Sacrebleu!

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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