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Episode 448: Lost in Space


Because adventures always start with everyone meeting in a tavern, the tavern is a good place for the PCs to scout around for any information related to the adventure that they're about to embark upon. Of course, the sort of people you'd normally find in a tavern are not exactly going to be the most reliable source of information on precisely what sort of horrors or treasures await in the nearby evil necromancer's lair*.

Instead, what you get is a hodge-podge of rumours, hearsay, and straight-out fabrications, mixed with just enough grains of truth to make it impossible for the PCs to dismiss them all outright. This is the perfect opportunity to plant the seeds of paranoia about the obstacles and horrors that lie ahead, mixed with the tantalising lure of the riches and rewards that await.

Just remember the golden rule: Understate the horrors and overstate the rewards.

* Unless some of the necromancer's staff hang out at the tavern in their off hours. Hey, it happens in the sillier campaigns.


R2-D2: So wait, why did you tell us that this Grievous dude had kidnapped Palpatine, when it was Dookû all along?
GM: That's what the people of Coruscant thought had happened.
Obi-Wan: Ah. So the opening narration was true... from a certain point of view.
GM: Exactly.
Anakin: Makes sense.
R2-D2: But that's lying!
GM: It's like the rumours you pick up in a tavern at the start of an adventure.
R2-D2: Ah. Now I get it.
Anakin: So logically, Dookû arrived and kidnapped Palpatine. But Grievous must have been hot on his heels with the fleet that's now attacking this ship.
Anakin: The people of Coruscant saw one big fleet of Separatists, not knowing Dookû had abandoned Nute Gunray at Geonosis.
Anakin: So Gunray is out for revenge and Grievous is probably working for Gunray.
GM: Right! This is the first time anyone's gotten my plot! Ever!
R2-D2: Actually, now I'm completely lost.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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