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Episode 437: Ups and Downs


It's a good thing Annie was there as a counterbalance. Oops, sorry, we'll bring this to an emergency stop. This strip is at maximum capacity. We don't want to press anyone's buttons.


Obi-Wan: Ahem, R2. Can you please make the lift go up?
[SFX]: < boodoot doop boop ta-zing tong doop bop bing >
Obi-Wan: Look, I realise you feel left behind, but... it's bad tactics to have our best hacker in the front lines.
R2-D2: Okay, okay. Give me a second.
Droid 4: {appearing above Anakin, with gun} Hello down there! Say, have you seen a lift anywhere?
Anakin: No, I'm just... hanging around.
R2-D2: Heh.
Droid 5: Only our lifts have been destroyed and we heard TZ-4 still had a working lift to operate.
Droid 4: Us working droids gotta stick together. If anything happened to TZ-4, we'd be right peeved.
Droid 5: He really elevates our spirits.
Droid 4: He'd never give us the shaft.
R2-D2: Ow. Leave the pun escalation to someone else.
Anakin: Looks like you got a rise out of Pete.
R2-D2: Those last few just floored me.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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