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Episode 436: The Descent of Man


If you're going to take some sort of disadvantage or flaw for your character, make sure you justify it.

Not with some sort of character background or story, but with some other advantage that you can give to your character instead, that more than makes up for it.

(And we'd say don't split the party, but nobody ever takes that particular bit of advice.)


GM: The combat droids pass by your hiding spot.
R2-D2: I find a terminal and hack the lift from there. 14.
GM: Without the wireless access penalty, you get into the ship's control systems.
R2-D2: Right, down you go.
Obi-Wan: No, up! I said up, you stupid droid!
R2-D2: Alas. Too late now.
[SFX]: Clunk! whirrr...
Anakin: I leap and grab hold of a ledge in the shaft.
[SFX]: whirrr...
Obi-Wan: Wonderful. First session of a new adventure and we've already split the party into four groups.
R2-D2: More if I can't get this lift stopped.
Obi-Wan: And we only have three players!
R2-D2: Whoops! That was probably the accelerate command.
GM: Now Annie... You said you wanted your bionic hand to be weaker.
Anakin: But more dextrous.
GM: Oh right. That cancels the penalty. You grab the ledge.
R2-D2: Ah, you're becoming a superior being.
Anakin: Because I'm becoming cybernetic?
R2-D2: No, you're min-maxing.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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