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Episode 354: It Got Better


No GMing style is universally bad. There's always a player who appreciates a particular gaming style.

If you are seeking a new GM and gaming group to play with, and someone says that a particular GM is really good, make sure you know what that person's preferred playing style is before you accept the review at face value and take the plunge.


GM: All right. Pete filled me in on the last session. Sounds like it got a bit... out of control.
Padmé: Yeah, it was awesome! And we got lots of XP.
Anakin: How's... your family?
GM: It's all good, thanks. So... it seems you've been captured by Jango and the droids?
Obi-Wan: I wasn't. Thank goodness.
GM: Okay. Padmé, Anakin: Jango leads you into a darkened room. Count Dookû and some of the flying insect aliens are there.
Padmé: Aren't we waiting for Pete?
GM: He said he had some kind of family emergency.
Obi-Wan: ... or whatever.
Anakin: He has family?
C-3PO: {head, on a combat droid body} Is the emergency him being a total loser?
Padmé: But it was cool roleplaying. There was conflict and resolution and all that dramatic stuff.
C-3PO: {body, with combat droid head} He chopped my head off!
Padmé: And we have an extra robot in the party now!

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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