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Episode 353: Session Wrap-Up


Even we couldn't come up with a particularly good reason why Anakin didn't just switch on his laser sword when his hand was trapped, in order to cut his way out. Seriously, we discussed and argued over this for something like 30 minutes during the writing session, and the best we could come up with was that Anakin might have been holding the sword in such a way that if he turned it on, it would slice his own arm off. But just imagine gripping a sword hilt and then contort your wrist in such a way that the blade is slicing your own forearm (the rest of his body doesn't matter, since only his forearm was immobilised). Yeah, that's highly unlikely.

But rather than just ignore the question (like the movie does), we decided to lampshade it. After all, it's part of our raison d'être to make some sort of sense of all the little inexplicable things in the movies, so ignoring it completely would be bad form. We must presume that Annie was so flustered by or disinterested in Pete's style of GMing that she didn't bother trying to think of a way to escape, since if she'd expended half a brain cell on the problem the answer would have been obvious. It's better than a bare bulb, after all.


Pete: Well done. One or two rounds quicker and you even would have made it to the second level.
Anakin: This sucks. This factory is just one giant deathtrap designed for your own self-gratification!
Pete: What? No! I run things by the rules.
Pete: Unlike some games, the PCs always have a fair chance when Pete is at the helm.
Anakin: Ha!
Pete: Why didn't you just grab an arm and reprogram it to destroy the others? Anakin has mechanical skills! If you'd done that you would have noticed the arms' power cables were slung under the conveyor. You could have brachiated along them to the central control panel. Then you wouldn't have gotten into that mess!
Anakin: That's ridiculous! Who would think of that?
Pete: Even when your hand was trapped you simply could have switched on your laser sword to free yourself!
Pete: Sally: Losing your head was a great move. With two bodies you could have fought the creatures and freed Anakin or Padmé at the same time. The boost in your combat stats was just a bonus.
Pete: Jim: ... Okay, you were doomed. If not for R2-D2.
Pete: This is fun! Why are you all looking at me like that?
Pete: What?!

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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