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Episode 317: Passionfruit Jelly


It's true. Why pay for anything when threats are so much cheaper?*

* Applies only when not dealing with shopkeepers.


{Anakin and Padmé are inside a room at the Lars farm}
Anakin: I paid him to free her from Watto! He wasn't supposed to marry her!
Padmé: You paid him, or you had him threatened?
Anakin: What's the difference?
Padmé: Well threats are a lot cheaper...
Anakin: It's all his fault she's dead! He poisoned her against me.
Padmé: She was your mother. She loved you.
Anakin: Did she? Did she?
Anakin: All this power, being a Jedi... but I can't make people love me.
Padmé: I... er...
Padmé: That is to say...
Anakin: Yes, Padmé?
Padmé: I... love you.
Padmé: Anakin.
Padmé: In character, that is.
{ultimate beat panel}

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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