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Episode 186: The Yellow Planet Black Cloak Blues


The GM here is setting up all this back story so that Darth Maul can be an ongoing thorn in the sides of the PCs. He's a carefully crafted character who will no doubt return many times over the course of years of campaigning to come.

With such a great character, who would want to see him not return in later adventures?


Darth Maul: Then you maroons blundered into the middle of things and dragged the Queen off to that desert backwater.
Darth Maul: Luckily Bibble managed to sneak a message out to you, and you radioed back with some malarkey about planting a bomb in the throne room.
Darth Maul: {voiceover} "I traced your signal..."
Palpatine: What about those Jedi?
Darth Maul: They're on Tatooine.
Palpatine: Oh, for the love of... Get over there; join up with them. You'll need Jedi help against the Trade Federation.
Darth Maul: I work alone.
Palpatine: That's not what it says on your card.
Darth Maul: {voiceover} "So I tracked you down."
{shot of Darth Maul surveying Tatooine with binoculars}
Darth Maul: {voiceover} "Unfortunately my messenger droid suffered some kind of malfunction."
[SFX]: Whooom!! {Qui-Gon slicing messenger droid}
[SFX]: 16!
[SFX]: Krzzshh!!
Darth Maul: {voiceover} "I finally found you just as you were leaving the planet."
{panel showing Maul approaching Qui-Gon}
Darth Maul: Hey Jedi! I need to have a word with you!
[SFX]: {Darth Maul's hoverbike, which is drowning out his speech} zeeeooow...
Darth Maul: {voiceover} "But you weren't in a talkative mood."
Qui-Gon: Attack! 19! Awesome!
[SFX]: Whooom!!

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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