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Episode 185: On His Excellency's Secret Service


We wanted to capture some of that cool menace from the classic old James Bond movies. You know, where Bond and the megalomaniacal villain sit down for a civil dinner, despite them both knowing that they'll have to kill the other one soon.

This one isn't quite so civil, but then Palpatine is only a hologram here, so the option of simply leaping across the table and stabbing one another with forks if the veiled insults and insinuations get out of hand isn't exactly an imminent danger.


{flashback scene of the Trade Federation Headquarters bridge}
Darth Maul: {voiceover} "Palpatine called the Feds again:"
Palpatine: {hologram} This is all an unfortunate misunderstanding.
Darth Maul: {voiceover} "But they weren't fooled. Canny S.O.B.s."
Nute Gunray: Don't pray innocent with us. Your "ambassadors" searched our waiting loom, attacked our droids, and tried to storm their way on to the blidge.
Palpatine: {hologram} I, er... disavow any responsibility for their actions.
Darth Maul: {voiceover} "They captured Theed and the Queen..."
{panels showing Trade Federation capturing the city and Queen Amidala}
{flashback scene of the Trade Federation Headquarters conference room}
Darth Maul: {voiceover} "... then called Palpatine back to put the squeeze on him."
Nute Gunray: Naboo is under our control. Your Jedi spies have failed.
Palpatine: {hologram} You won't get away with this.
Palpatine: {hologram} The Orb must be used for peaceful purposes, not to wage war! I know you have it.
Nute Gunray: Oh rearry. I assume you have some kind of proof.
Palpatine: {hologram} I hired an investigator. {Darth Maul appears in transmission}
Darth Maul: {hologram} My information comes from an impeccable source. Within your own organisation.
Nute Gunray: Very unrikery.
TC-14: {carrying drink tray} Would you like a drink, sir?
Palpatine: {hologram} Is the stupidity of this droid meant to make me complacent?

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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