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Episode 133: Nailing the Hit on the Head


Game Masters have to tread a careful line when doing plot exposition. If you don't give enough information, the players will ignore the obvious plot hooks and go off and do something completely irrelevant to the campaign plans. If you give too much information, they get all excited about actively dealing with what is meant to be mere background events designed to give the impression that there is a wider world beyond the PCs.

Often the line of "not enough information" lies higher up the amount-of-information ladder than the line of "too much information".


Mace Windu: Tell us about this boy you found.
Qui-Gon: He's a PC now.
Yoda: And... a hitman, you say? See this, we must.
Obi-Wan: I'll go get him. {turns to leave}
Yoda: Master Qui-Gon, more to say have you?
Qui-Gon: Hmmm? Oh, no.
Obi-Wan: {turning back} Actually, I have a question, if I may.
Mace Windu: Speak, Obi-Wan.
Obi-Wan: Is Chancellor Valorum always so...
Yoda: The Chancellor not himself... is. Decadent he has become.
Mace Windu: He's lost touch with the people. But nobody dares make a move against him. He wields too much power.
Qui-Gon: Aha! Now that's a plot hook if ever I've seen one. I'll let the kid know you have a job.
Mace Windu: Er... no, just bring him here. Together. And no detours.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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