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Episode 34: Road Trip


One of the explicit goals we established early in our writing process was that we wanted to make Jar Jar's character likeable. So many people have such a low regard for Jar Jar as a character that we really wanted to turn that on its head and make him an entertaining and fun character in the comic. It was an enormous challenge, and we feared it might be too much of a mountain to climb, but we tried it anyway. We humbly hope that we've succeeded on some level.

In the movie, the other characters actually like Jar Jar (or at least put up with him, in the case of Qui-Gon), while the audience dislikes him. Here we want the audience to like Jar Jar (and Sally). It's interesting that one way to achieve that is to have him (her) annoy the other characters.

On another note, there comes a time in every GM's life when they have created something marvellous and just want the players to listen for a minute while they read out the vivid imagery that conjures up a magical world of fantasy and adventure in the imaginations of all the participants in this shared experience. The players, inevitably, will want to skip this boring bit and get on with the game.


GM: You travel for several hours through majestic water-filled caverns.
Jar Jar: Are wesa there yet?
GM: Another hour passes uneventfully as you pass through the planet's core. Millions of delicate phosphorescent jellyfish illuminate your journey.
Qui-Gon: Are they valuable?
Jar Jar: Are wesa there yet?
GM: No.
GM: The currents take you past intriguing sunken ruins of a forgotten—
Jar Jar: Are wesa there yet?
Qui-Gon: We search for treasure!
Qui-Gon: The Lost Orb of Phantastacoria could be in there!
GM: Um. The water pressure is insane.
Obi-Wan: {to Qui-Gon} We need to find the Queen. This is obviously just scenery.
Obi-Wan: {to GM} Can we just skip the travelogue? Not that the description isn't lovely.
Jar Jar: Are wesa—
GM: You emerge on the other side of the planet, in a river flowing through the capital city.
Qui-Gon: Well that was easy. Let's go back to the treasure-filled ruins!

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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