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Episode 18: A Rose By Any Other Name


One of the challenges of running or playing in a roleplaying game is making up character and place names that don't sound stupid. Some people have a talent for it, while others... don't. Most people fall into the latter category.

If you're consistently good at making up fantasy or science fiction names that don't sound ridiculous, especially at short notice, then you could probably get a job doing so for all those roleplayers who can't do it for themselves. Except for the fact that many gamers actually think that "Steve the Barbarian" or "Hoodoo-fugu the Alien Monk" are perfectly good names.


GM: The stampede passes. Your heroic action has saved both yourself and the alien.
Qui-Gon: Well met, friend alien. What is your name?
Jar Jar: Sally!
GM: No, Sally, we're playing a make-believe game, remember? Can you think of a new name for yourself? A made-up name?
Jar Jar: Pikachu!
GM: Er, no... a name you made up yourself...
Jar Jar: Jar Jar Binks!
GM: Ooo-kay... You don't have to decide right now... Maybe you can come up with something better later.
Obi-Wan: <cough>Naboo<cough>
GM: Shut up. You're still finding your way from the second dropship.
Qui-Gon: Well Sally, I like it.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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