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Episode 17: Sally Forth


Here we are. One of the big questions we've seen on the forums and elsewhere up to now has been how we would be handling Jar Jar. Readers have been speculating all sorts of things. Some of you have come closer than others. We planned this out several weeks ago, so no, we haven't directly used any of your ideas.

The interesting thing about Jar Jar is that he is simply so reviled. When an unknown video editor recut The Phantom Menace into The Phantom Edit by cutting out various stupid and annoying bits of the original movie, one of the major reactions was one of disappointment that he hadn't removed Jar Jar completely. Likewise, in a forum thread about this comic in which people speculated on how we'd be handling Jar Jar, some people expressed the hope that we wouldn't include him at all.

But gosh, we're making comedy here. How could we not include Jar Jar?


Qui-Gon: I roll a 9 for Dodge.
GM: Er... you brought your sister along?
Obi-Wan: Give me a break. My parents couldn't get a babysitter, so I have to look after her.
Sally: I'm not a baby!
Qui-Gon: I weave to the right! 12!
GM: Well she can't just sit around. I'll create a new PC for her.
Obi-Wan: If you must.
GM: Right. Sally, we're playing a game, okay? You have to pretend to be an alien, and Jim and your brother are humans who have to look after you.
Sally: Okay!
GM: Qui-Gon, suddenly you see an alien standing in the way of the stampede!
Qui-Gon: I dive and grab the alien, protecting it from the stampede at my own peril!
Jar Jar: Yay!
Obi-Wan: Oh god, this is going to be a long night.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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