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Cheddar Monk Academy - Challenges

Cheddar Monk Academy | Challenges | Padawans

Creativity, Level 2: Cheddar Carving

Cheddar of course binds the universe together. Therefore, anything can be made of Cheddar! For this challenge, you must carve or otherwise sculpt a recognisable object from a block of Cheddar. The object should be something related to the Cheddar Monk universe, of course.

Take a photo of your work, post it online and post a link to it in the Cheddar Monk Academy forum.

Cheddar Monk points: 4 to 8, based on subject matter and execution

Padawans who have completed this task

PadawanPoints earned   Time (GMT)Notes
pjt336   2010-04-04 05:16:58   Good effort, though we need to leave room for other attempts at the ends of the point scale. Kamino dart photo.
Baby Wan Kanobi7   2010-04-12 10:33:26   Good work, cheesy one! Photos here, here, here.
Heron7   2010-04-27 08:22:56   A cheddar astromech droid! Who said Pete's skills were cheesy? Blog post here.
Hieraco7   2010-04-27 08:24:38   Good choice of subject matter, though something more ambitious might have brought greater reward. Blog post here.
IWC Junkie7   2010-07-20 11:30:56   And a cheddar protocol droid to complete the set! Video here.
Mary Leathert6   2010-08-28 23:55:46   More practice is needed to become one with the cheese and avoid crumbliness. Photo here.
Slerte7   2010-09-06 00:23:57   Good work, with excellent execution and details. Video here.
crtlion8   2010-09-11 23:31:28   Outstanding display of carving skills, with very appropriate subject matter. Photos here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here.
Mala Kethel8   2010-09-12 00:16:25   Excellent carving effort, combined with other challenges! Video here.

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