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<     Episode 687: Give That Man a Raise Dead     >

Episode 687: Give That Man a Raise Dead


It's important for a villain to have competent subordinates. At least ones competent enough to recognise their own incompetence, if nothing else.

If you're running a villain in a game, for pity's sake, give them competent subordinates.


Nahdonnis Praji: Lord Vader, the Peace Moon plans are not aboard this ship! And no transmissions were made.
Nahdonnis Praji: An escape pod was jettisoned during the fighting, but no life forms were aboard.
Darth Vader: Go on.
Nahdonnis Praji: Um...
Darth Vader: So the plans might be...?
Nahdonnis Praji: In... in the escape pod?
Nahdonnis Praji: So we should... um... Find the pod?
Nahdonnis Praji: Aaaand retrieve the plans?
Nahdonnis Praji: And... execute myself?
Darth Vader: Perfect.
Nahdonnis Praji: I'll join the queue.

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