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<     Episode 1029: Blast from the Karst

Episode 1029: Blast from the Karst


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Yes, we know eyes don't really pop out in a vacuum. And being a space scientist, Jim knows that too. It's just Han who doesn't seem to know...

Wait, what are we implying here...?


{Han outside the ship}
Han: Oh look, a plan that works. Do you see anyone's eyes popping out?
Chewbacca: Why is there an atmosphere out here?
Han: It's like you don't trust me or something.
Han: I think I see one of those suckers.
Chewbacca: There should not be an atmosphere out here!
[SFX]: Pow!
[SFX]: Gllrooowwk!
C-3PO: Stop shooting!
GM: The cave shudders.
C-3PO: How would you like them shooting at you?
Han: That's why I shot them first!
GM: The cave shudders again.
C-3PO: They're innocent animals!
Han: I can't shoot parasites now? What can I shoot? The ground?
[SFX]: Pow!
[SFX]: rumble...
GM: The cavern buckles and heaves wildly.
[SFX]: shake...
C-3PO: I think that's a no!

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