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<     Episode 1202: Holo Threat

Episode 1202: Holo Threat


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NEWS: I am travelling to Japan and the USA on business from Monday 1 to Wednesday 17 June. Comics should update automatically as usual. However if something goes wrong I will be unable to fix it until I return home - please do not send e-mail to report a website problem during this time. Thanks, see you when I get home!

Given modern communications technology, you can make use of the "phone a friend" option at almost any time. Sometimes this is good for consulting or planning, while at other times it's just perfect for smug bragging.


R2-D2: Right. Time to call Luke over my radio. Luke, come in.
[SFX]: < bip pating doip-ding-spip prow doip-ding-spip deep-biddle >
Luke: {hologram} Uh... hello?
R2-D2: Okay Luke, you told me my plan was terrible, but check this out.
[SFX]: < doip-ding-spip biddle doop dip-deep bebloop bop >
R2-D2: I'm in the middle of Jabba's palace and about to kill everyone.
[SFX]: < doop zibuzz oodoo-ni-doing dooby kipoppity bedoing >
Luke: Everyone? Are you sure that's a good idea?
R2-D2: Well not ourselves. And possibly not Han. Hopefully.
[SFX]: < boop doosquee bap-jing blip-doip >
Luke: There are probably innocents there.
Jabba: I am as innocent as a hatchling slug.
C-3PO: Albeit rather more mighty.
R2-D2: Relax. You'll hardly feel any pain. Prepare to die!
[SFX]: < boop-tong-eeroo squee kap-jing ki-oobloo dip-deep doodle >
Jabba: Oh no you don't. I'm not about to take this lying down.
Jabba: Well, I'm not going to take it, anyway.

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