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<     Episode 1201: Mister Big

Episode 1201: Mister Big


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Flattery will get you, if not everywhere, at least into a lot of places where you can have cool and dangerous adventures when things inevitably go wrong.


Bib Fortuna: Yo Jabba Jabba, m' Hutt! Some droids here.
Jabba: Are these the new slave droids?
Bib Fortuna: No, they're buyers for the auction.
Jabba: I stand corrected. Well, sort of recline languidly.
C-3PO: Greetings oh mighty and fearsome Hutt, whose defences are formidable and quite difficult to overpower. We are—
R2-D2: Etcetera, etcetera... Those who are about to kill salute you.
[SFX]: < bebepating doosquee kipoppy ezang-eezoo-ting >
Jabba: Let the gold one speak some more! I'm all ears.
Jabba: Well, little membranes in the side of my head, really.
C-3PO: We are humbled by your mighty presence. Your presence is so mighty that...
R2-D2: It generates its own gravitas.
[SFX]: < bleep buzz beezoo-ting >

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