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<     Episode 1217: Inner World Gone Mad

Episode 1217: Inner World Gone Mad


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You can have a lot of interesting conversations with a puppet. Even moreso if you use them as props in a roleplaying game when other players are present.


{Exterior of Jabba's palace as the twin suns of Tatooine set in the evening sky behind it.}
{A worrt, a large frog-like creature, sits near the path to Jabba's palace. Suddenly, it strikes with a long prehensile tongue at a small crawling creature nearby.}
[SFX]: Thwock! sluuurp...
Worrt: Ribbit.
Worrt: It was the best of times for Jabba, it was the worst of times for our intrepid band of Rebels.
Worrt: Their latest plans are in disarray. A bizarre series of improvisations has led to Chewbacca's imprisonment, C-3PO's enslavement, and R2-D2's mysterious disappearance in the bowels of the droid-torturing dungeon.
Worrt: In a world gone mad, what will happen next? What possible plan could get them out of this? What—
C-3PO: ... are you doing with that sock puppet?
Worrt: I got bored waiting for all of you to arrive.

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