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<     Episode 1442: Not to Scale

Episode 1442: Not to Scale


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Battle maps have a tendency to spread to take up slightly more than the available space.

Yeah, we don't have a tip for this. You just gotta live with it.


Chewbacca: We're gonna need a bigger table. For the battle map.
GM: Before you start "making space"...
R2-D2: <groan>
GM: ... I suggest we pack up for the night and I'll make sure we're set up for next time.
C-3PO: What time should I show up for the concert, Ben?
Chewbacca: Well, it starts at 6, so... 6?
R2-D2: Are there any spare tickets?
Chewbacca: You want to come?
R2-D2: I'd hate for your students to play for nobody but Sally.
Luke: Hey, I'll come too!
R2-D2: ... And Corey.
Chewbacca: You do realise it's a high school concert?
R2-D2: It's okay, I have my phone. And earplugs.

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Published: Thursday, 8 December, 2016; 02:11:02 PST
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