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<     Episode 1281: "Feed Me," say Maw

Episode 1281: "Feed Me," say Maw


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Usually the job of the faceless mooks or the hordes of orcs is simply to charge heedlessly at the PCs in a full-on attack and get cut down by the heroes' superior combat skills.

Try giving just one of them a greatly enhanced sense of personal safety and the smarts to do something much more sensible. Given the approach of most PC groups, this simple trick could be enough to completely flummox them.


Luke: If only that railing gun would shoot at me again, with my hands free this time.
Vizam: Are you nuts? I'm not shooting deflectable bolts at a Jedi!
Luke: Fair enough. Prepare to be boarded.
[SFX]: Leeeaaappp...
[SFX]: Thud
Luke: Knock knock.
Unidentified Weequay Guard: Who's there?
Luke: Luke.
Unidentified Weequay Guard: Luke who?
Luke: Luke who's throwing you into the Sarlacc pit.
[SFX]: Grab
[SFX]: Pull
[SFX]: slice slice
Sarlacc: Brain analysis commencing.
Sarlacc: Preliminary report: "I should have seen that coooooomiiiiinnngg...."

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