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<     Episode 1514: Shifting Opinion

Episode 1514: Shifting Opinion


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NEWS: (18 May) We have just completed writing work on Episode VI, including the traditional 3 intermission strips. Many people are starting to ask what we're doing next. The answer is that next week we will begin work on adapting Rogue One. Before we start publishing that story, we are planning a short break in the regular 3-per-week updates, maybe 6-8 weeks, to allow us some extended time to plot out the story and rebuild a strip buffer.

We started Darths & Droids in 2007, planning to adapt all six (as it was at the time) Star Wars films. After nearly ten years and having successfully achieved that goal, never missing a single strip update in that time, we feel like a bit of a breather. But we do plan to continue, and when the last strip of Episode VI is published we will announce the exact date when our version of Rogue One will begin.

During the break period, we will be debuting a brand new original story comic, written by Andrew Shellshear and illustrated by David Morgan-Mar. More details as we get closer to its launch, but we hope some of you will take the opportunity to check out this new work during the break.

Overcoming prejudice is a classic character growth trope. If a PC takes prejudice as a flaw on their character sheet, it would be suitable to let them develop and work it off during roleplaying. You don't need to be constrained by the game mechanics to maintain a flaw that it makes sense to remove through good gameplay and roleplaying.

If you really need to have a flaw to maintain game balance in terms of character points or something, then you can quite easily develop another, different one to replace the one that you've overcome. Personalities can change over time, so it's reasonable for character quirks and flaws to change.


Luke: Congratulations, Han.
Han: Thanks! It blew up just like I planned!
Luke: I meant on getting married.
Han: Oh, right.
R2-D2: Yeah, let's hope that doesn't blow up.
[SFX]: < eegoo boop poppity >
Wedge: Luke, good buddy!
Luke: Wedge, I need to apologise for how I've been treating you.
Wedge: What? No, you weren't getting too close. I'm good with a bromance.
Luke: I never trusted you, because you were a shapeshifter. But... I was wrong. I'm honoured to work with you.
{they hug}
Wedge: Oh. Well I'm glad you stood by me anyway. That special mission to Rendezvous Point Zeta was a highlight of my career.
Luke: That wasn't really trying to help you, sorry, but I'm glad you turned it around. You're one of our best agents, and I know you're on our side.
Han: As long as he doesn't shapeshift himself a goatee.

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Published: Thursday, 25 May, 2017; 03:11:03 PDT
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