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<     Episode 1346: Super Dooper Trooper Blooper

Episode 1346: Super Dooper Trooper Blooper


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Good advice generally. If you successfully fast talk your GM into giving you some sort of ridiculous concession, take it and run. Pushing your luck can only lead to tears.


GM: You fall off. The trooper looks back in distraction and crashes into a tree.
[SFX]: Kerrunch! Kaboom!!
Leia: Did I do that?
GM: You take <roll>... 33 damage and <roll>... pass out.
GM: Meanwhile: Luke, make a Pilot roll.
[SFX]: zoooomm!! zoooomm!!
Luke: Can I get a bonus from Survival: Forest?
GM: What for?
Luke: Because I'm trying to survive. In a forest.
GM: I'll reduce the penalty for flying at breakneck speed through a heavily wooded forest. To the one for a medium wooded forest.
[SFX]: zoooomm!! zoooomm!!
R2-D2: Yeah. Take what you can get.

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Published: Thursday, 28 April, 2016; 03:11:06 PDT
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