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Episode 267: Luncheon Judy


The deleted scene continues.

Hey it's not our fault that the women go to the kitchen to clean up the dishes while the men go outside. That's what they filmed. Yet another reason why cutting this scene from the film was probably a good idea.


Anakin: Thank you for the lunch, Judy.
Jobal: You're welcome. It's Jobal, by the way.
Anakin: Your house and garden are beautiful.
Ruwee: Come on, I'll show you around. And the, uh... car in the garage too. I'm hotting it up.
Anakin: Sounds good. We'll leave the girls to gossip, huh?
{silent beat as the women go to the kitchen}
Padmé: Um. What do girls talk about with no guys around?
Anakin: {out of scene, out in the garden} Guys.
Sola: Uh... so... that Anakin... um... he's... cute?
Padmé: Oh, no... I mean... I hadn't noticed. That he's cute.
Padmé: If he's cute.
Padmé: Or not.
Jobal: I um... think... he likes you? Maybe. A bit. Maybe.
Padmé: I'll... have to ask him about that.
GM: Good grief.
R2-D2: No, this is entertaining. Pass the popcorn please, Sally.

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