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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a ripoff of DM of the Rings?
Inspired by. When Shamus Young ended his strip based on the Lord of the Rings as a roleplaying campaign, he expressed surprise that nobody else had begun one based on a video game. I was surprised too. A gap needed to be filled.

When does the strip update?
Three times a week! On Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. Update time is 10:11 GMT, the same as Irregular Webcomic! Why those days? Because most other 3-a-week comics update Monday/Wednesday/Friday. We like to be different. And it gives you something new to read on the days many other comics don't update.

So how did this come together?
Less than 24 hours passed between my idea to do this, and the first comic being posted. I dithered a bit, worried about the time commitment. Then at lunch at work the next day I shared my thoughts with some of my workmates. They immediately said, "On nom nom!" So this comic is very much a collaborative effort with a hard-working team of 6 or 7 people behind the scenes, cooperating on the writing, the screengrabbing, and the compositing. This assuages my time pressure fears somewhat. But let's see how it goes.

Are you planning to do any further video games?
Yep. We've planned a story arc involving other classic games such as: Space Invaders, Asteroids, Donkey Kong, and Tetris!

Why did you start with Pac-Man instead of the first video game, Pong?
While Pong is a great game, and a true classic of the video game genre, it's not exactly fantastic roleplaying material because of its highly constrained and limited scope. It'd be a bit like basing a roleplaying game around going into dungeons and meeting dragons, or something.

What game system are they using?
It's deliberately vague and unspecified. There are elements of several different games in it, plus some stuff that we just plain made up. So either imagine it's some fictional commercially available system, or call it a home-brew system.

"Pac-Mans & Power Pellets"??
Yeah. Give us a break. We had to come up with a name within a lunch hour - the same lunch hour where we discussed the idea, decided to do it, plotted out a metaplot involving the players and GM through the first three movies, and wrote the first strip.

So who are the Comic Irregulars?
The creators of Pac-Mans & Power Pellets are Andrew Coker, Andrew Shellshear, David Karlov, David McLeish, David Morgan-Mar, Steven Irrgang.

More questions? Praise? Abuse? Waka waka waka.

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