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Level 50: Ghostbursters

Level 50: Ghostbursters

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Every dungeon should have a maze level. Imagine one where you dump the players in unaware that their characters have been killed (or possibly merely had their bodies paralysed while their minds are transported to his new level). So they can't interact with any inanimate physical objects, and when they eventually find other living things, the encountered creatures flee from them in fright.

For bonus fun, use this actual map, and see how long until they figure it out.

In the real world of the Pac-Mans & Power Pellets universe, of course, Pac-Man doesn't exist. That's the premise of this entire comic, after all. But most of the other things we know and love (such as ghost-filled mazes) do, albeit modified by the lack of Pac-Man:


Blinky: Okay guys, looks like the coast is clear. Let's go.
Blinky: Hmmm. Lots of corridors and intersections.
Pinky: Oh, great. A maze level. There's gonna be a minotaur, I know it.
Pinky: What are all these dots on the floor? Why can't we pick them up?
Clyde: Uh... the door closed behind us! We're trapped!.
Inky: I think I see a way out here.
Pinky: Wait, did we die in that trap on the last level and not realise it? Are we incorporeal? Are we ghosts??
Clyde: Stop freaking me out, and don't split the party!
SFX: waka waka waka waka...
Clyde: What's that?!
Pinky: Doesn't sound like a minotaur...
Inky: Ah, crap. It's a teleport. We're gonna need more graph paper!

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