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'ay' 6: 'engDaq So' Jedi

<<wa'DIch     <vebHa'     veb>     HochDIch (DIvI' Hol)>>

rDuHbe'ba'taHvIS QIch yajlu'bogh, Hoch QIch joq, reH ja'chuqlaHchu' QujwI' ghotpu' 'ej nablaHchu'. 'ej bejlaH neH ghot luSeHlu'bogh mIS.

tlhIngan Hol: David Trimboli (SuStel), Robyn Stewart (Qov)

Translator Notes

This one was pretty easy, but made for some rather elegant Klingon!

The trickiest bit was how to translate non-player character. At first I had an unwieldy, sentence-long phrase, but then I remembered that we're calling the GM the Quj SeHwI' (game controller), so I decided on ghot SeHlu'bogh (controlled person), using the same verb, SeH (control).

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Published: Friday, 02 May, 2008; 22:18:49 PDT.
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