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Episode 2489: Ticking Away the Moments


When you're on a good running gag, it manages to come up in the most amazing places sometimes. As long as you're okay with a touch of humour in your games, it can be fun to encourage this sort of thing. Recurring minor NPCs are a great source of running gags, as they can have odd personality quirks that don't cause too much disruption to significant encounters, as they usually only appear when the heroes aren't doing anything too serious anyway.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Oh, well, there's definitely part of the problem. While it would be really silly to require the hyperdrive to be pointed in the direction of travel in order to run the calculations, it's not that far out there as a requirement. And now that we can see the rear of the ship, this is also an impressive ratio of engines to placement space. I'm a little surprised they couldn't successfully outrun the First Order fleet with those. I guess the Resistance has had to make do with lesser quality ships or something.

Corey/BB complaining about Hux and Peavey makes for a good ending joke about Phasma. But I also wonder if he's got something planned out. It'd be a shame if BB wasn't able to do anything to try and get Rose and Finn free, or at least make things difficult for the First Order.


GM: First Order fire destroys another Resistance shuttle.
[SFX]: kaboom!
Admiral Holdo: Any news on the hyperdrive?
GM: It’s getting there. Events are now rushing by, as though compressed.
Admiral Holdo: I turn the Raddus around to face the Supremacy.
[SFX]: thrummmm... {engines fire and the Raddus turns slowly}
First Order Officer: Sir, the Resistance cruiser’s preparing to jump to lightspeed.
General Hux: They’re trying to stall, in lieu of success. But they’re circling the drain. We’ll flush them out.
Captain Peavey: <snicker>
General Hux: Enough snickering, Peavey. Can it.
Captain Peavey: <snicker>
General Phasma: And now, Finn... companion...
Rose: Call me Rose!
General Phasma: O Rose thou art sick, The invisible worm That flies in the night—
Rose: Actually, can we go back to Hux and Peavey?

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Published: Tuesday, 09 July, 2024; 02:11:01 PDT.
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