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Episode 2481: The Shadow Out of Time


Brute force is always a great first resort! Who needs subtlety? The band of barbarians is a great trope for an adventuring party. Consider it some time. A whole party of PCs who negotiate by sword and wade into trouble with fists flying. If you ever worry about the sneakier or more magical characters getting less to do in combats... get rid of them! Run a game with all fighters for a change.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Niima? Niima?!? Wait. What's Niima again?

Oh right, that town that the First Order found BB, Finn, and Rey in before they fled in the Millennium Falcon. Huh, I don't think we ever found out why Hux was so concerned about the area. Maybe we'll get some more info about that now.

I also get the idea that Phasma's emphasis is important. I hope it's just a reference to someone touching or feeling a thing in the comic. One batch of tentacle monsters last Episode was enough, thanks, and they certainly don't need to be mixed together with crustacean mouth bits.


First Order Officer: Sir, a convoy of shuttles has left the Resistance fleet, heading for Crait.
General Hux: They’re abandoning ship. Good. Pick them off with ion cannons.
General Phasma: Ah, the unerring appositeness of brute force, a hammer for every thorn in the side!
General Hux: Glad you agree.
General Phasma: Yet there are horrors that creep silently out of unknown gulfs of time, mocking the very concept of brutality.
General Hux: Speak plainly, Phasma!
General Phasma: Feign not ignorance. You know of what I proclaim.
General Phasma: Had something been groping blindly through time from some unsuspected abyss near Niima?
General Hux: Don’t mention that! We found nothing there.
General Phasma: Nothing? Or something too impalpable for mortal minds to comprehend?
Rose: Sounds like you got a problem, Hux.
General Hux: She’s making up ghost stories! There’s nothing to worry about!
Rose: No, I meant Phasma.

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Published: Thursday, 20 June, 2024; 02:11:02 PDT.
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