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Episode 2471: The Spoor Advanc’d Makes Friends of Enemies


How to get the Big Bad Villain off guard: Say you understand them and want to join them.

Try it next time. Your GM gets you at the villain's mercy and delivers the Evil Monologue, expecting you to deliver a stinging retort and prepare to escape. Instead, think for a few seconds, and say, "You know. You're right. I agree with you. Why are we fighting? Can I join your team?"

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

What an odd scene this must be. Snoke Force Pulls the lightsaber from Kylo, then Pulls Rey up onto his platform as well. Snoke doesn't even bother looking at the lightsaber either. It's like he's trying to be intimidating (which he sort of is), but badly needs glasses to actually see Rey.

As snarky as Pete is, turning evil does seem to be the most likely reason Rey is here. There's the Kylo conversations and the slime pit visions, plus the bit where Luke got really worried about the rock breaking apart. The only alternative I can think of would be that the writers wanted Rey to meet Snoke in this movie, so they gave her a massive Idiot Ball in order to get her to come visit. I would hope that Disney could hire better writers than that, but I have also heard now that the movie was not enjoyed nearly as much as Episode VII, so this could be part of that dislike.

Also interesting to note is that Kylo seemed to not get weird visions either. Perhaps the visions are due to the relationship to Luke/Anakin? Assuming there's been nothing changed, that'd leave Leia as the only other person directly related who could get the visions. Of course, it could just be that Rey has the Main Protagonist skill of vision seeing, but where's the fun in assuming something like that?


Snoke: You want to join the Dark Side, then?
Rey: That was the whole idea of surrendering myself to Kylo here. You don’t honestly think he would have captured me otherwise?
Snoke: Excellent. If your put-downs are any indication, you will do well on the Dark Side.
Snoke: Ren, her sword.
[SFX]: Whoooooooosshh...{the laser sword flies telekinetically to Snoke’s hand}
[SFX]: grab!
Snoke: Ahh... the sword of Luke Amidala! I sense his spoor upon it.
Rey: Is Snoke getting the same visions I got when I first touched it?
GM: Apparently not.
Rey: But he’s Force sensitive?
[SFX]: draaaag... {Snoke telekinetically drags Rey across the floor, closing the gap between them}
GM: What do you think?
[SFX]: draaaag...
Rey: Hmmm... And Luke didn’t—
Snoke: Your silence is commendable, young Rey. But what are you thinking?
Rey: I’m thinking... do you ever moisturise?

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Published: Tuesday, 28 May, 2024; 02:11:01 PDT.
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