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Episode 2460: Hero and Meander


Disguises are cool! But yeah, they often come with disadvantages like restricted mobility or restricted vision.

This just makes them more fun.

Give players opportunities to do stuff by using disguises. Sneaking past orcish prison guards. Infiltrating a corporate headquarters. Pretending to be a noble. Really, there's nothing much in a game that's more amusing than donning a disguise and trying to bluff your way through something.

When running this, don't outright make it impossible, but do add complications that make it tricky to maintain the disguise.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

I recognize that line! That's what would have been said about Annie's second character had this been the movies!

And they're instantly given an example of who would be worse. It's not quite the "instantly proven wrong" trope, but given that the answer is still Jim...... I don't think they're better off. Especially since Team Casino already asked for more time to finish their plan last session. I wonder if Jim actually forgot that bit or if this is part of somehow making things even more heroic for everyone.

I shouldn't be surprised that BB-8's got a communicator to Poe to give to Finn; astromech droids are pretty much do-anything-mechanical robots. I still am though. Maybe it's because he had to throw it through the waste bin? That might be a grill or vent on the side there, but fitting the communicator through with enough force to get it to Finn seems implausible. Being able to communicate is perfectly fine as I bet there'll be some consequences from that soon enough.


Finn: Can you do it?
DJ: Aut inveniam viam aut faciam.
Finn: Are you sure about this? Trusting our fate to a criminal we hardly know?
Rose: He speaks Space Latin. There are worse people we could put our trust in.
Finn: Like who?
Poe: Hey, BB-8, what’s happening?
BB-8: I’m blinded by a disguise and literally running into enemies and walls.
Poe: Sounds fun! Put Finn on.
[SFX]: fling {BB-8 tosses Finn the radio}
Finn: Poe, what’s going on there?
Poe: I’m going to pull off the most heroic manoeuvre ever! Just make sure you’re nowhere near Snoke’s ship when it happens.
Finn: Um. We’re on Snoke’s ship.
Poe: Well, you’ll have the best view in the house!

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Published: Thursday, 02 May, 2024; 02:11:02 PDT.
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