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Episode 2455: Hooked on a Feeling


Fleeting encounters like this can be useful for changing focus in a game, as well as in visual media. Basically, doing what the GM is doing in this strip. You can have a group of heroes walking down a street in a town, and let them know that just inside the walls someone is having an audience that will become relevant to them in the near future. As a form of foreshadowing or foreboding it could potentially be a useful tool. Just don't give away too much that the characters wouldn't actually know.

It can work even better if you have two groups of PCs played by the same players, similar to what's happening here.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Oh yeah, it's all coming together. One last group to "board" and then we'll have everyone on the Finalizer in the same area.

I like scene transitions like this. Moving from one group to another with a flyby view is a great way to move on from one plot thread to another with a real sense of continuity. Straight-up scene cuts can easily hide how much time has passed between them and could also make things a little more confusing if the cut is really careless.

Triplicate and no carbon paper, makes sense for a punishment. But it's actually not the same as saying "there's no paper". If there's paper being used, it's obvious the real reason for the paperwork is for more exposure to corrupted midi-chlorians! I do wonder if that comic plot point is going to be brought up again with regards to Snoke. Perhaps Snoke mentions his book collection, and there's a discussion about how that's evil or not if we don't get more bureaucracy paperwork.


GM: A lift car bursts through the open shaft in the deck, zooming upwards.
[SFX]: Whooossh!!!
GM: You don’t realise, but inside the lift are Kylo Ren and the handcuffed Rey.
Kylo Ren: Administrator Snoke will make you see the error of your non-bureaucratic ways.
Rey: What’s he gonna make me do? Fill out forms?
Kylo Ren: In triplicate.
Rey: Not so bad with carbon paper.
Kylo Ren: There’s. No. Carbon. Paper.
Rose: If we don’t realise they’re in there, why are you telling us?
GM: What harm can it do?
DJ: I fire a grappling hook at the lift!
[SFX]: Whooossh!!! {silent beat (except for the sound effect) as the lift hurtles upwards}
[SFX]: Whooossh!!!
GM: I’m really tempted to say, “Yes, for some inexplicable reason you magically have a grappling hook on you.”

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Published: Sunday, 21 April, 2024; 02:11:01 PDT.
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