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Episode 2452: Martyr Hurry


There needs to be some procedure for relieving a commander of their command, in cases where things go wrong.

For game inspiration, imagine the king of a small fantasy kingdom goes insane. Or is replaced by a doppelgänger. Or becomes a vampire in the thrall of a senior vampire. Or is charmed by the evil vizier. Or is actually a golem. Or decides not to die and pass on the throne to the young prince, but rather to try and become a lich. Within a game world, the possibilities are so much more rich and entertaining.

And problematical for a group of heroes who want to set things right.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Really, now. This is the sort of nonsense that I think can happen only in the comic. These poses aren't those of a group trying to fight off an attacker; these poses are of intimidation. Is this a reverse of the movie, where Poe stages a mutiny due to all of the bad decisions that have been made so they can leave the Raddus behind? I guess I could see that, but that doesn't feel quite right. Neither does Poe wanting to slam the Raddus, though. I might be having too much of a hard time thinking how the plot could work around either, however; Jim makes that pretty difficult.

So now the big question is, does Poe actually get to ram the Finalizer with the Raddus? Or is there something else that's going to happen first? Counter command relieving with more NPCs perhaps? That'd be a way for Sally/the GM to retake control and match up scenes with the movie, assuming Poe doesn't actually get to martyr himself with the Raddus. And there's still the question of where does everyone else on the ship go if they're helping Poe out. Maybe there's still hope of boarding from the wreckage of the Raddus, whoever crashes it.


Admiral Holdo: I’m sorry. Poe, you can’t sacrifice yourself. Your exceptional planning skills are far too valuable to the Resistance.
Admiral Holdo: I can do this thing, because I’m not a hero.
Poe: No, you can’t! You’re not—
Admiral Holdo: I’m whatever the Resistance needs me to be.
Poe: You’re too brave.
Poe: No, you are not just brave. You are a martyr!
Poe: NPCs! Raise your blasters!
Poe: Admiral Hodor, I am relieving you of your command.
Admiral Holdo: I hope you understand what you’re doing.
Poe: Yeah. Connix, you’re with me. We gotta set this ship up so I can slam it into Snoke’s ship.
Kaydel Ko Connix: {sotto voce} Finally, some action.
Admiral Holdo: No, no. I mean that literally.

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Published: Sunday, 14 April, 2024; 02:11:02 PDT.
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