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Episode 2418: Scent of an Omen


Smell is a powerful descriptor, partly because it's one of our less-regarded senses below sight and hearing. GMs often describe what things look like, and what sounds they're making, but mention smells less often. So when a smell description is used, it feels unusual, and the players tend to pay more attention to it. So you can leverage this and use it to really highlight unusual conditions or materials.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Well, that was about what I expected. It's smaller on the surface than I thought it would be, but getting pulled/falling in? That was a given once looking for the slimy pit was actually going to be a thing. Luke really should have just pushed a bunch of rocks and boulders over the pit when he had a chance.

It's a given that Rey will be fine of course. Besides the whole "there's another movie after this" thing, there's too many dangling plot threads in this movie for Rey to end up dead. Getting traumatized though, that's possible. Nothing worse than finding out your dad is an evil villain who just cut your arm off though. And hey! Maybe this is meant as an analogue to the spooky Force Tree scene, so none of it actually ends up happening physically and we'll find out that Rey has just been tripping out on the beach or something.


GM: Rey is approaching the slimy pit from her vision.
Rey: What do I sense?
GM: The stench of rotting seaweed.
Rey: I mean with the Force.
GM: Yeah. It’s pretty overpowering.
Rey: So Force Smell is a power now?
GM: Let’s just say it’s blocking any other impressions, apart from an uncanny feeling of overwhelming foreboding.
Rey: Dark Side, I get it.
GM: It’s nothing if not subtle.
Rey: I lean over to look into the pit.
GM: <roll>...
[SFX]: yoink!
GM: Something pulls you in!
Rey: Oh, seriously?
GM: What about “obvious warning signs” did you not get?
Kylo Ren: Cue the book of Giant Slime Pit Creatures!

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Published: Thursday, 25 January, 2024; 01:11:07 PST.
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