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Episode 2416: No Crime is So Great as Daring to Excel


Sometimes you just have to prepare a whole bunch of stuff. Equipment lists are classic cases of going overboard. There are whole roleplaying source books devoted to just listing equipment that adventurers might want to buy. (And yes, one of the authors of that last one is also one of the authors of this very comic.)

Yes, you need all of these books.

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Hmmm. That seems like a rather poor excuse for Rose to be the pilot. I guess perhaps Rose or Finn convinced DJ to team up while they were in the cell lock-up. And while it wouldn't explain everything, agreeing to cause a distraction for DJ to steal a ship would better explain why there was a giant fathier release.

HMMM. DJ doesn't seem like he's done anything too amazing so far, but that could just be down to lack of opportunities. Star Wars really likes to play the Main Characters/Important Person trope a lot; perhaps finding DJ was the whole reason for the trip? This could have been a whole thing to try and get a replacement Important Person since there hasn't been any sign that Rey or Luke are coming back to the fleet. I think this would be somewhat of a bait and switch on the movie audience to be true, but that would explain why Rose and Finn ran off to Casino Planet I mean Canto Bight here in the first place. I don't know how he'd stop the First Order from chasing the fleet, but maybe DJ and Poe just need to team up on something to get that done.

Anyway. Making a list like this sounds pretty simple. All the GM would need to do is go on some sales or auction website, grab a bunch of different product names, and stick the word "Space" in front of them. It'd take like an hour tops!


GM: Let’s start on the ship leaving Canto Bight.
Rose: I’m flying!
Finn: But DJ is the ride-share pilot.
Rose: Yeah, I don’t trust him. I make an excuse about getting space-sick unless I’m in the pilot seat.
DJ: Suum cuique. I sit back and enjoy the ride.
Rose: So we managed to get the money. Somehow.
Finn: Right. The next step of Poe’s plan is mail ordering lots of stuff from the First Order.
DJ: I dunno who this Poe is, but he sounds super smart.
Rose: How much cash did we get?
GM: Ah, I worked this out! 8,675,309 credits.
GM: And here’s a spreadsheet of products, prices, and special offers available from the First Order website.
Rose: “Space Sports Almanac.” “Space Jelly of the Month Club membership.” “Space space blankets.” How many pages is this?
BB-8: I think you need to have less prep time between sessions.

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Published: Sunday, 21 January, 2024; 01:11:11 PST.
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