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Episode 2386: Apiary Odd Deck Tiling


It can be good to make things somewhat exotic to give your fictional game world a sense of being different to our own reality. But a problem is that many of the things in our world are the way they are for good reasons, so changing them just makes them make less sense.

And players: You should remember that pointing out stuff like this can lead to GMs uttering that important phrase: "It's just magic, okay!"

Commentary by memnarch (who has not seen the movie)

Whoa. Never mind on BB-8 not being able to handle all of the guards on his own. If he threw all those coins at unsuspecting guards, that'd be a lot more reasonable of a way to take them down and have time to tie them up, even considering the lack of hands. That is way more coins than I thought were stuffed inside as well. Poor little Dobbu must have thought he'd had such a run of bad luck feeding them in. How they were tied up and the mouths stuffed with paper are still mysteries, but at least BB-8 could have done the initial takedowns now.

Hexagonal manhole covers? Implausible? That talk sounds like the same sort of thing that would keep jail cells from having 36 square meters of floor space! Or being unlockable from the inside with candy wrappers! Sometimes however, one wants to have fancy art everywhere. And all that's affordable after the client-facing areas are built is the manhole covers.

To be fair though, I would have made the same minor complaint as Jim if Jim hadn't already pointed that fact out.


DJ: I thump the guard with my boots! 12!
[SFX]: whack!
DJ: Ad victoriam!
GM: He crumples to the floor.
DJ: Vae victis! I loot the bodies!
BB-8: Those are my coins!
[SFX]: clink clink {DJ scooping up coins}
GM: Meanwhile, guards are closing in on Finn and Rose.
Finn: What’s this hexagon on the map?
GM: A manhole cover.
Rose: Aha! That’s our escape route!
Rey: Wait. Why is there a manhole cover in a dungeon?
GM: To cover a manhole.
Rey: And why hexagonal?
DJ: The only plausible reason to bother making it hexagonal instead of a curve of constant width is so it can be dropped into the shaft.
Rose: Or, maybe it was built by bees!
Finn: Have we bumbled our way into another wretched hive?
GM: ... Prec-Eisley.

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Published: Sunday, 12 November, 2023; 01:11:18 PST.
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